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Executive Leadership Development Program for Functional Leaders


what is obsidian Leaders? 

A strongly protective stone, Obsidian forms a shield against negativity. It is truth-enhancing and stimulates growth at all levels – urging exploration of the unknown and opening new horizons. Obsidian brings clarity to the mind and clears confusion, while promoting qualities of compassion and strength.


Obsidian Leaders are self-aware, strong, positive reinforcers of growth. They inspire those around them with powerful leadership that engages and drives results.


The Obsidian Leaders Program brings together senior executives in a forum focused on leadership growth to drive development in key areas. The program is facilitated by a highly experienced business leader who guides the group through a series of workshops where they learn, challenge and grow together – supporting one another in an honest and robust forum.

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how is obsidian Leaders different?

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Who are Obsdian Leaders

The Obsidian Leaders Program begins with each Member completing a detailed behavioural profile followed by a one-on-one debrief providing deep and detailed insight into how hardwiring impacts leadership style and potential growth. The behavioural profile then guides the creation of a personalised development plan.  This ensures you are getting the most out of the program by identifying your individual leadership goals and priorities. A further one-on-one session later in the program ensures your development plan stays on track and progresses against goals.

Year One of the Program commences with the completion of a Behavioural Profiling exercise and one-on-one debrief followed by ten facilitated group workshops.

Year Two of the Program continues with a further ten facilitated workshops delving further into critical areas of Executive Leadership as well as exploring increasingly complex topic areas.

Members are invited to continue into Years Three & Four where they will work together to solve the most critical issues they are facing in increasingly complex times.

For Functional Leaders who are looking to broaden their perspective and further develop their leadership capability.

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who are our Members?

Members of our Obsidian Leaders Program are senior executives in functional leadership roles who are looking to extend their leadership capability and prepare themselves for future business leadership opportunities.

They are courageous, humble, vulnerable, empathetic life-long  learners who are committed to their personal and professional development and want to share their knowledge and experience while learning from peers in an inclusive, supportive and challenging environment.

obsidian Mentors

Our Mentors are experienced and successful executive leaders who have operated at the highest levels in Blue Chip businesses.

They act as Facilitators, Guides, Mentors and Confidantes to direct each group through the program, leading workshops, providing experience, counsel, feedback and asking the tough questions that are going to drive development.

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Chris Baddock

program outline

The following is an overview of the sessions that comprise Year One of the Obsidian program:

I.  Behavioural Profile, Debrief & Development Plan

II.  Self-Awareness & Authenticity

III.  Organisational Design & Building Teams

IV.  Developing & Retaining Key Talent

V.  Managing Stress & Resilience

VI.  Leading Change

VII.  Idea Orientation and Growth Mindset

VIII.  Interpersonal Dynamics & influencing

IX. Organisational Acumen – collaboration

X. Leading with EQ

XI.  Leadership Maturity

XII.  Personal Development Plan Follow Up

Year Two of the Program follows with a further 10 facilitated workshops delving into increasingly complex areas of Executive Leadership. For details on Year Two and beyond of the Obsidian Leaders Program please click here.

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