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program outline

The following is an overview of the sessions that comprise Year One of the Obsidian Leaders program:

I.  Behavioural Profile, Debrief & Development Plan

The Caliper Profile is an advanced behavioural and personality assessment that identifies innate leadership traits and provides a robust platform for developing leadership potential and role specific  competencies.


II.  Self-Awareness & Authenticity

Understanding yourself and how you project on others is key to leading people. Finding an authentic way to communicate and lead is a critical ingredient in getting your people to follow you into battle.

III. Idea Orientation and Growth Mindset

The rate of change, adaptation of people and businesses required in the current commercial landscape feels like it continues to accelerate. Keeping pace with the dynamics of your personal and your business's operating environment needs to be actively managed… it will not take care of itself

IV. Managing Stress & Resilience

Starting with a deep dive into your own personal makeup; developing the ability to first understand, then implement tools, habits and support will help you navigate the daily stresses of a senior executive.


V.  Interpersonal Dynamics & influencing

You do not have to be friends with everyone, but you do have to be able to work with a large variety of people. When the people you need to positively influence the most do not report to you, every interaction is an opportunity.


VI.  Organisational Design & Building Teams

Without a practical implementation of the right people, in the right jobs, doing the right things a business will continue to fall short of growth and the potential of the business model.


VII.  Organisational Acumen – collaboration

Navigating an organisation over an extended period of time is the key to career development and promotion. Being attuned to the organisation's pace of change, strategic priorities, mood swings, key factors of success and being ready to take opportunities as they present will accelerate your career development. Getting frustrated, being impatient and misreading the play is a career staller.

VIII.  Leading with EQ

Imagine leading a team that generated ideas, worked together creating their own solutions, had great relationships with customers in a business that is growing and making lots of money. Making this vision a reality requires implementation of a long list of key ingredients with balance, poise, flare, accuracy, care, influence, and just the right amount of forcefulness.

IX. Developing & Retaining Key Talent

Combining succession planning and talent development creates a long-term process for managing the talent roster and ensuring the right skills are in the right place to meet the immediate and long term business objectives.

X. Leading Change

Leading others through a change process requires the right amount of energy, vision, consultation, and communication. Getting your balance wrong creates delays and inefficiency. Knowing how to adjust, course correct and stimulate action is at the core of keeping your balance as a senior manager.


XI.  Leadership Maturity

Leadership maturity results from accomplishment in a variety of competencies which inspire others to do their best work, and instils confidence that you are all heading the right direction. This includes demonstrating integrity, credibility, composure, empathy, patience, trustworthiness and strategic  thinking on-the-fly.


XII.  Personal Development Plan Follow Up

A further one-on-one consultation with your Mentor to update on the progress of the personal  development plan, evaluate change and design further learning objectives.




Year Two of the Program follows with a further 10 facilitated workshops delving into increasingly complex areas of Executive Leadership. Areas of focus to be covered include:

  • Leadership Communication

  • Deliberative & Complex Decision Making

  • Strategic Talent Management

  • Personal Career Planning – Self Development & Continuous Learning

  • Building your Personal Brand – Positioning & Visibility

  • Networking & Interpersonal Savvy

  • Cultivating Innovation & Strategic Mindset

  • Situational Adaptability

Members are invited to continue with the Program into Years Three and Four where they will use the knowledge and relationships formed throughout the first two years of the program to continue to evolve their leadership capability and problem solve the complex challenges that face them in the future.

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