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Welcome to Obsidian Leaders

Updated: Jul 21, 2021

Welcome to Obsidian Leaders. We are incredibly excited and proud to share with you the launch of this program. Obsidian Leaders is the culmination of many years of experiences, observations and insights from Founders Michael Floyd & Robert Manuel. They have recognised an incredible opportunity to offer a program focused specifically at Functional Heads of business – giving these Leaders the opportunity to expand on their leadership experiences and prepare themselves for the next step in their careers.

Obsidian Leaders takes high performing Functional Leaders through an intensive and structured twelve month program with an emphasis on personal growth and development of core leadership competencies. The program commences with detailed personal profiling and the construction of a targeted personal development plan followed by ten group workshops each taking a deep dive into a different critical area of focus. Groups are made up of 12 peers from aligned but non-competing businesses and representing all functional areas of the Executive.

Obsidian Leaders come from different backgrounds but share a common focus on personal growth and learning; a desire to challenge themselves, be challenged; a willingness to be vulnerable and open in sharing experiences and learning from one another. They are led through this journey by their Mentor – a highly accomplished business leader who guides, facilitates and supports the group to ensure both individual and group objectives are achieved.

We are immensely proud of this program and the opportunities it is affording Functional Heads who are dedicated to becoming the best leaders they can be.

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