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The role of the Obsidian Mentor

Last week we highlighted the unique features of the Obsidian Leaders program. This week we want to take a closer look at the role of the Mentor and how it sets this program apart…

Each Obsidian Leaders cohort is assigned a Mentor who stays with them for the duration of the program. Our Mentors are all industry leaders who have reached the pinnacle of their careers – many are current or former CEOs – and want to give back by sharing their knowledge and experience with our Obsidian Leaders.

Our Mentors undergo extensive onboarding to ensure they have deep knowledge of the structured learning program and can complement the theory behind each subject with their personal insights, experiences and learnings.

The role of the Mentor is to facilitate the group workshops with their own cohort – guiding the group through the material, facilitating robust discussion, asking the difficult questions and sharing their personal learnings and ‘war stories’. They are a personal and a team coach – holding Members accountable for engaging with their development journey, encouraging and supporting shared learning and collaboration between Members particularly from those of different functional specialties. Mentors are also available to Members between sessions to offer one-on-one support and guidance as challenges unfold at any time over the duration of the program.

Each Mentor brings unique experiences, background and leadership style to the Program. We work to carefully match each Mentor to the cohort that are going to benefit most from that individual’s personal style and mode of coaching. Our Mentors are full of passion for this program and the opportunity to play a part in driving the careers of Functional Leaders who are ready to learn and grow.

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