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What sets us apart… The Obsidian Leaders difference

“Unique” … “Totally different to anything else in the market” … “Hit the nail on the head” … “Exactly what I need” … this is just some of the feedback we’ve had since we launched the Obsidian Leaders program recently.

Obsidian Leaders is unique. It is different to any other leadership program. We have been working with Leaders for many, many years and spent considerable time researching and investigating to understand the learning methodology and structure that has the greatest impact on the personal and professional development of Functional Leaders.

The underlying mission of Obsidian Leaders is to accelerate the development of high performing Functional Leaders and prepare them for a business leadership role. We have very deliberately developed the program to achieve this through unique features such as:

  • Each cohort is mentored by a high profile and high performing current or former CEO who is with you for the duration of the program. The role of the Mentor is to lead robust discussion, ask the tough questions and share their personal experiences and ‘war stories’ – helping the group to solve problems, address their most complex challenges and view possible solutions from a broader perspective

  • Groups of 12 participants are made up of individuals from different functional areas and related but non-competing industries creating an environment where participants can learn from peers experiencing similar challenges while seeing things from different perspectives and gaining a more holistic view of their environment

  • The program is structured with each session delving into a different subject in detail. We have carefully researched and selected the modules to focus in on the areas of most relevance and impact from an executive leadership perspective. These are the areas Functional Leaders need to master to take that next step…

  • The first step in the program is for each Member to complete a behavioural profile and personalised development plan. This provides a level of self-awareness and individual focus that ensures personal goals are achieved throughout the learning modules

  • Formal program sessions are complemented by a series of networking events across the year that allow members to get to know each other on a more personal level and mix more broadly with the Obsidian Leaders community.

In the next few weeks we will be delving in greater detail to each of these points to discuss how they are impacting the program and ensuring our Members fulfil their potential. In the meantime get in touch – we are happy to answer your questions and discuss how this program can help you achieve your career goals.

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