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who will be in my group?

This week we continue our series of looking at the features that make Obsidian Leaders so unique. One of the most frequent questions we are asked is “who will be in my group?” so in today’s blog we will take you through the structure of our groups and how we build each cohort.

When we are forming each cohort we spend time ensuring the balance is right and the mix of Members is optimised. In particular we ensure:

- Members come from non-competing businesses but relevant sectors

- Only one person per business is represented in each cohort

- There is representation from each functional area

- Members have similar backgrounds in terms of years in executive leadership roles, size of business / team

This blend of similar backgrounds but different functional areas gives individuals the unique opportunity to share challenges which may be similar to fellow Members and approach them from a different perspective based on gaining feedback and insight from those with expertise and specialisations different to their own.

We stay close to each cohort to ensure there is strong cohesion and all opportunities to collaborate and learn from one other are maximised. Beyond this, we get to know each Member personally to build alignment based on personal and communication style both with fellow Members and the group Mentor.

Our Mentors are highly experienced Facilitators and know how to get the best out of each Member and to ensure each Member gets the opportunity to share their thoughts and ideas. They look for every opportunity to encourage Members to share their experiences and learn from one another. We also strongly encourage Members to connect outside of each session and to support one another as they come across new challenges and opportunities.

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