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Obsidian Leaders Program

Over the past few weeks we have been sharing with you the key components of what makes the Obsidian Leaders program so unique and powerful for senior executives. We have introduced our Mentors and the important role they play and have been sharing snippets of the subjects we will be covering over the course of year one of the program.

The program content has been researched in depth and curated specifically to focus on the topics of the greatest impact for Functional Leaders – both in their roles today but also in the challenges and opportunities they face as they look towards business leadership roles and preparing for next steps in their careers.

The Obsidian Leaders program is deliberately structured – while networking is an important and valuable benefit of the program, this is a development program that exposes high performing senior leaders to the latest thinking and challenges them to apply their learnings to real life challenges and opportunities being faced in the workplace; having a significant and long-term impact not only on their personal development but also on the results they are achieving.

Each month throughout year one when members come together they deep dive into one of the 10 topics that make up the program and examine the theory through the wisdom of their Mentor and through the lens of real life case studies and experiences they are facing daily. As a group, members workshop potential solutions to obstacles being faced – often finding similarity in their challenges despite different industries / functional areas. They are not afraid to challenge one another and hold each other to account, learning from their peers through exposure to different thinking, experiences, and expertise.

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