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Welcome to Obsidian Leaders 2023!

The year is off to an incredibly busy start with positivity in the market around the opportunities on the horizon in the post-Pandemic era. Certainly many of the changes of the past three years are here to stay and as new challenges and opportunities emerge, strong leadership is more critical than it has ever been.

In 2023 we see leadership development as a core focus for the majority of businesses as they seek to ensure that Leaders are equipped to drive business priorities and achieve critical objectives this year and beyond.

As a high performing Leader, now is the time for you to invest in your own development – ensuring you are ready to face these new challenges head on, drive impact and deliver results. You have an opportunity now to shape the future direction of your career by investing in your own leadership development and ensuring you are ready to take on the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.

Obsidian Leaders is a structured program designed specifically for high performing Functional Leaders (Heads of Business Units / Department Leads) who are seeking development to extend their leadership capability and prepare themselves for future business leadership positions.

Developed following extensive research around the most effective learning methods and the most critical areas of development for leaders now and into the future, Obsidian Leaders is a program with outcomes very different to any other Leadership Development program.

The Obsidian Leaders program features:

  • Groups of up to 12 cross functional leaders from different businesses meet monthly

  • Each cohort is mentored by a highly successful business leader

  • Members complete a detailed personal behavioural profile and personal development plan

  • 10 structured group workshops focus on most critical leadership learning needs

  • The program applies structured learnings to real life business situations

  • Peer based learning, in a respectful non-competitive environment

  • Workshopping of relevant case studies, scenarios and current challenges within the group

This is the only program we know of that combines these critical elements, delivering the most unique and

powerful leadership learning environment and outcomes. This is not a remedial program. It is designed

specifically for Leaders such as yourself who are already exceeding expectations, dedicated to your personal

development and ready to achieve results that can change the future direction of your business and your career.

Interest in this program has been overwhelming but we do still have limited places available in our cohorts commencing in 2023 – get in touch to secure your spot!

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